Dick DeVos and his Many Talents

Dick DeVos is an individual with many titles as well as many attributes. Dick DeVos is not only a businessman and entrepreneur, but he is also a family man as well as a philanthropist who keeps his family in mind with every single business decision that he has made or even with every single investment that he has made. Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder as well as the former CEO of the family company of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is an international company that is a multi-billion dollar company and that has grown exponentially ever since it was developed by Richard DeVos.


The DeVos family is a unique and prominent family that is known for the many donations that are made on a yearly basis to organizations across the United States that have worthy goals and aspirations that are in need of funds. the DeVos family is a unique family due to the fact that the family’s idea of success is not within how much the family is worth in monetary value, but is based upon how much is donated to individuals across the United States that are in need of the money more so than the DeVos family.


As a member of this prominent family, Dick DeVos has had some large shoes to fill which has been accomplished with the effort and time that he has put into building the company and increasing the family legacy. Dick DeVos has always had a passion for business and has used this opportunity to use his passion to build the family company to be the best that it can be. As a member of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos has served in many positions within the company which include the vice president of international sales as well as the CEO of the company.


Dick DeVos chose to follow the path of business because he has always associated business with the fond memories that he has while growing up. Dick DeVos remembers Amway Corporation when it was still a small and growing company. Dick DeVos often reflects on the fact that it was special for him to watch as the company grew and expanded to not only become a national company, but to also become an international company. Dick DeVos hopes to see the company grow even more in the future along with the family name of DeVos in the future.


Proper Haircare Tips For Healthier Hair

Maintaining a healthy head of hair is easy if you know the right way to go about. Did you know that many of the things we do for haircare is actually harmful. Though we’ve been taught a certain way to take care of our hair, many of us seem to never get the results we’re seeking. Shampoo and Conditioning has it’s place as it does offer individuals deep cleansing action. The downside to this is that most shampoo and conditioning products are loaded with sulfates and parabens. The rich lather of these products gives people false sense of leaning while in reality, it’s basically a chemical reaction from the combined ingredients.

The best thing to do is to use a more gentle shampoo/conditioner. This cuts down of the side effects of dry scalp, flakes, and breakage. Did you know that many haircare products have protein in them? Protein is great, but too much of it will leave your hair brittle. Always seek products that have balanced ingredients. If you’re looking for a way bring your hair back to life, Wen is one of the best product lines on the market today. WEN by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/store.aspx) is derived from an organic base and is loaded with herbal extracts such as chamomile extract, rosemary extract, panthenol, glycerin, cucumber, fig, wild cherry bark, and many more.

These ingredients nourishes the hair all the way down to the scalp. Users have reported many benefits of use from this revolutionary line such as added shine and more moisture. With consistent use, (WEN) products have the capabilities to provide you with much healthier hair that is easy to manage and are safe to use for all hair types. Whatever the case may be for you, what do you have to lose as there are numerous products to choose from. More information available on the Wen.com website and on our official Twitter account.


UK Vintners Explain The Best Festive Wine Options

Festive wines are always chosen for the way they can reflect the colors, textures, and flavors of the Holiday season that can bring us a feeling of happiness and comfort in our lives. UK Vintners see the Holidays as some of the busiest times they enjoy over the course of any year as major parties, events, and gifts are discussed with vintners such as UKV PLC that specializes in vintages and varieties from France, Italy, and Spain; a number of independent links have been created between UKV PLC and wineries in the Bordeaux region of France that has always been seen as guiding the wine industry of the world.

UKV PLC has also built a number of links with producers of the Holiday season staple of Champagne that ranges in quality and flavor depending on the producer. The Holiday season is also a period where gifts and investments are made, which UKV PLC assist with when they seek the best possible options in investment wines and guide their clients through the many different areas of purchasing and storing wine. UKV PLC looks to explain every aspect of making an investment in wine from monitoring the performance of a chosen option and making sure all areas of taxation are explored to keep an investment as safe and secure as possible.

The top five wines chosen by the experts at UKV PLC have been announced as including the 2008 Beychevelle vintage that can be described as a perfect Holiday wine in the way it reflects the flavors and colors of the season; this wine has been chosen as it is best enjoyed within 15 years of bottling and has the aromas and flavors closely associated with the festive season. The 2008 Beychevelle brings to mind the festive period with a sense of cranberry and raspberry flavors that will lift the spirits of any person at this time of year.

When enjoying a dessert or looking to find the perfect wine that can be easily consumed during any party the D’Yquem from 2009 is a popular option for the flavors of spiced pears, apricots, and honey to make this a perfect wine for enjoying with rich festive desserts. Another option for enjoying the best possible festive wines is to find those that can be enjoyed with ease as a party of gathering is going on; UKV PLC believes its choice of the Montrose 1998 is a good option as it is an easily sipped Merlot with pleasing aromas of black cherry.

The festive season is a special time when the best in life is always enjoyed by people from all walks of life, including those who are looking to find a special vintage of wine that has just come into maturity. Two good examples of these have made the UKV PLC list and are the 2005 Ducru Beauchaillou and the 1998 Pichon Baron.

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About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. It is an internationally recognized investment banking organization delivering corporate financial advisory services to public and private businesses. It is committed to values of integrity, leadership, excellence, and service.

The company draws on a full skill set enabling it to provide a wide array of financial services including administration of hedge funds, middle market investment banking, and administration of private equity fund, financial asset management services, business valuation services, financial opinion services and financial reporting valuation.


Madison Street Capital’s Reputation is gained from the company’s ability to understand the time sensitivity of the corporate finance, and as such respond to opportunities in a prompt and tenacious manner. Its approach is aimed at creating corporate finance transactions that promote mutual benefits for the investors and the business owners. Madison has extensive experience and knowledge to match not only buyers and sellers but also the right financing and capitalization structure in line with the needs of the clients.


Madison Street Capital’s approach also exhibits vast experience and expertise in all the areas of corporate finance including:

Mergers and acquisitions

Market pricing and due diligence

Specialised financings

Company Valuation

Deal structuring

Designing and implementing exit strategies

Capital Restructuring services

Corporate governance

Tax planning and compliance

Wealth accumulation


Over time, Madison has assisted clients from hundreds of industries to reach their goal promptly. Such accomplishments have contributed in making the company a leader in the provision of financial advisory services, M &A services, as well as valuations. Its global view of the business environment allows us to allocate equal attention to relationships and networks of the local business.


Madison believe in the usefulness of building great businesses within all communities across the United States. The company is dedicated to meeting the clients’ needs, besides extending philanthropic support to firms such as the United Way. Deeds of this nature give the opportunity to make a difference, big or small, within local and the global communities.


Through interaction with their many clients from different industries, their professionals have come to appreciate that clients have unique needs. They know that every client’s situation is unique, and consequently, endeavor to offer highly personalized services. A thorough and careful analysis is conducted on every circumstance, before making precise recommendations.


If you are a business owner in search of acquisitions, looking for favorable lending, disposing of business, in the process of developing a practical exit strategy or you are simply looking for corporate governance services, Madison Street Capital is the place to be. Speak to them today (1-312-529-7000), tell them what you are looking for, and then they will organize a meeting where you can deliberate matters further.

For more information about their services, visit www.madisonstreetcapital.com for more information.

The Legendary Out-standing Corporate Executive Anthony Petrello

Tony Petrello is an executive member of the Nabors Board of Directors since 1991-2011. He is the former CEO and Deputy Chairman (1991-2003) of the same organization. In October 2011, Tony was named as CEO and President of Nabors Industries. He has served as the Board Chairman of the Executive Committee since June 2012.

Before joining Nabors, Tony Petrello worked with the Baker & McKenzie law firm, where he specialized in international law, taxation and corporate law. He served as Managing Partner in the company’s New York office from 1986 until 1991. In addition to his Nabors engagements, Petrello serves as a director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Co. Tony Petrello graduated from Harvard Law School with a J.D. degree and Master’s degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are socially active in Houston.

About Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries Ltd was founded in 1968 as an Anglo Energy company. It is currently based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Ltd is an oil, geothermal and natural gas & drilling service provider operating throughout America, the Middle East, and Africa. Nabors Ltd also provides on-land well-services in North America, and offshore rigs for oil platform works as well as offshore drilling servicing.

The company has 29 chartered marine vessels for their overseas operations. It also makes top drilling systems equipment for rig mechanism and data collection, and also makes rig reporting software. As at 2006, Nabors land assets total over 600 well-servicing rigs in the U.S. and 180 rigs in Canada.

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Who stepped down before Tony Petrello became CEO of Nabors Industries?

Nabors Ltd.CEO Eugene Isenberg stepped down after working with the organization for over 20 years. Eugene, 81, led Nabors Industries since 1987.

Isenberg frequently ranked on Houston’s top-paid executives having claimed the top prize thrice since 2006. Nabors’ headquarters is based in Bermuda, but its executives are based in Houston.

Why didn’t Tony Petrello top the best-paid-bosses list in 2014?

Petrello made a whopping $68.2 million in 2011, up 246% of what he earned in 2012. Tony Petrello was ranked No. 1 in Equilar and AP’s record of America’s top 50 best-paid CEO’s in 2013.

Tony Petrello’s an expert in corporate taxes. His proficiency helped the former Chairman and CEO Eugene Isenberg to move the operations offices to Hamilton, Bermuda, in 2002 to reduce its national tax bill while leaving the offices in Houston, Texas.

It was a controversial move as some investors tried to block the shift unsuccessfully. Since his appointment as Nabors’ CEO, the share price rose up to 180% which enraged the shareholders due to his corporate perks and remuneration.

Nabors shareholders refused to support the board’s extravagant executive payment plans in 2011 and 2012. Nabors’s shareholders seethed with anger against the executive payouts and demanded external candidates to replace the sitting executive.

In April 2014, Nabors decided to amend its corporate authority and payment practices. The roles of chairman and CEO got split, with a limit to the executive severance compensation down to 3 times an executive’s salary and bonuses. The shareholders also got the right to vote for anyone with a 5% stake in the company to its Board of Directors. Petrello’s income was severely affected as the funds were redirected to the shareholders.

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Should Parents Provide Financial Support to Their Adult Children?

Parents want to see their children excel and find happiness in adulthood. Some parents find it difficult to stop providing financial support, especially when their child is in need. After helping their adult child with rent expenses or an overdue cellphone bill, many parents begin to wonder how long this type of financial support should continue.

Of those between the ages of 25 and 35, nearly half admitted that a parent had helped them with living expenses after moving out of the family home. The most common expenses mentioned were cellphone bills, groceries, rent/mortgage payments, clothing, utilities, and entertainment.

Interestingly, these millennials are doing better than the average American. The Federal Reserve finds the average millennial to have over $9,000 in savings. The average American has less than $400 in savings. Millennials are doing quite well compared to those that came before them. What drives this dichotomy? Are the parents or the adult children to blame?

While these millennials are doing well, what about their parents?

Those parents with adult children able to fend for themselves financially should consider their own interests. Those funds might be better spent toward retirement planning. Every situation is different. It’s important to have an accurate picture of the financial situation of both parties. It’s possible the child has stronger finances than the parents.

Those nearing retirement age should consider making their own finances a priority. Determine if your child can manage their own finances and have an honest discussion. Eventually, every healthy adult should be free of relying on financial assistance from a parent.

According to PR Newswire, Sam Tabar is a licensed and practicing attorney in New York State. A 2000 graduate of Oxford, he earned an BA and MA in law. After earning his LLM from Columbia Law School, Sam Tabar has held a variety of positions with several prominent organizations, including Schulte Roth & Zabel, Merrill Lynch, and Adenval LLC.

Sam Tabar currently manages his own practice and utilizes the extensive hedge fund management experience he has gained over more than a decade. His worldwide financial expertise has proven invaluable to his numerous high-profile clients.

Handy Achieves in the Gig Economy

Inc. Magazine is a publication that garners great respect. Articles published online at Inc. Magazines’s website are read by people who want to learn about how to run a successful startup. A fantastic article published about Handy’s rise to greatness is a solid one for would-be entrepreneurs to read.

Handy might be one of the most interesting of all startups to emerge in the “gig economy”. The world of freelancer is not always an easy one to explore. Handy helps those freelancers find gigs.

Even with a brilliant concept, Handy.com was not making a huge sum of money at first due to not having the best possible hiring process for pulling in new freelancers. Poor reviews hurt Handy during its vital early days. So, a new process for screening employees was put into effect. The implementation of the new strategy turned out to be a really good idea. Better freelancers have come on board and they are helping the company make good money. $1 million in weekly bookings has helped Handy become a wildly successful venture. Millions of investment capital is flowing into the company’s coffers, which is not a bad thing at all.

Freelancers find working with Handy proves to be a good deal. Getting clients is easier and the pay is solid. Handy is also great for clients. Since Handy allows for the very easy booking of its services, customers are able to get home cleaning and other services in route to their premises with only a few steps.

The management at Handy debated how to develop the right onboarding process to screen freelancers. In time, the right agreements have been made. This coincided with the acquisition of $50 million in venture capital funding. Handy truly is on a course for gig economy and startup greatness.


FreedomPop Lures More Customers to Free Sevices

When the average person takes a serious look at their bills and their budgeting they will discover that one of the biggest bills is the cell phone bill. It can be very interesting to see just how much people can save if they eliminate their phone bills altogether. FreedomPop is the company that has allowed people to do that without losing all of their cell phone service.

Most people that use smart phones will agree that they cannot live without this. Some people may have called this a luxury in the past, but it appears to be something of a necessity right now. FreedomPop has managed to change smart phone culture because it brings people something that they were not even expecting to get access to. A free phone service seems rather unbelievable because so many people pay so much for this service. The same thing can be said for cheap cell phones, but somehow FreedomPop has managed to start providing this as well. It is like FreedomPop is giving customers access to a grand amount of discount products and free services that many people may not know about.

The feeling that this is “too good to be true” sets in when many people hear about free cell phone service. Fortunately, there is a FreedomPop review here and there online that tells people about the service and what it is like to have this type of service. There are millions of people that have dumped their smart phone plans with the major cell phone carriers and opted for the basic plans for free service with FreedomPop. By checking out the reviews that are given by others you have an idea of what you can expect to happen when you make that switch. There are some cell phone users that will find that this is very liberating. Others may find that they cannot abide to the limits of the basic free service. This is not a problem though because FreedomPop offers unlimited service as well.

FreedomPop was offering unlimited service a couple of years ago for $20. This didn’t catch on that well so the company decided to drop the price even lower. Now there are people that are able to get this plan for as little as $5 a month. A plethora of customers are signing up for this because it’s as effective as a contract with a major carrier.

EOS Lip Balm: A More Popular Choice for Today’s Generation

In the past, Chapstick was always considered to be one of the most popular lip balm products on the market. It could be found in just about any store across the United States, from pharmacies to convenience stores, and many Americans could be found with it somewhere in their pockets or their medicine cabinets. Even though this is still a very popular brand today, a newer brand has really taken the lead among today’s generation. That brand is EOS.

Just seven years ago, EOS lip balm started popping up just about everywhere, too. If you were in the makeup aisle at your favorite big box store, you’d find it. If you were perusing the aisles as a pharmacy, you’d see it. Many beauty magazines even started covering it and choosing it as their favorite for various annual beauty awards. Even celebrities were spotted with it in their makeup bags.

Evolution of Smooth, which is known as EOS, did its research and found that lip balm truly is mainly used by women. It also found that many women were tired of the traditional tube, which they ditched for their fun design. These things alone made their product a true competitor against some of the brands that have been around for a very long time.

Then, they put a big focus on marketing, which they primarily targeted toward millennials. By marketing on Facebook and other social media sites and using celebrity endorsements as a means of calling attention to their brand, they were able to quickly build a following and make more sales.

All of this must have worked out for EOS, since the brand stands heads and shoulders among many other popular brands on eBay that have been around for far longer than seven years. Now, EOS is a household name, just like Chapstick and other brands that people have been buying for quite a long time.  For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

Product link: https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth

Fabletics November Week 1

The stress and strains of being a super celebrity is taxing enough but, when you have a top women’s fashion line on mysubscriptionaddiction.com, it’s an even bigger challenge. Kate Hudson is just that star with Fabletics being her empire. Fabletics, for those who may not be 100% familiar is a women’s sportswear line for what she likes to call, the lazy girl that likes to be fashionable. Her line consists of everything from workout wear to a line that goes from gym to the club as a little black dress. She’s expanded into swimwear just recently as well.

The system of Fabletics is unique in that the ladies can pay a small fee monthly with the option to skip a month if need be and this entitles them to a certain amount of clothing per month from the line. It’s an awesome way to build a wardrobe for the year.

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Since Kate Hudson is a superstar she’s had to contend with what most stars do and that is to be watched under the microscope. This is what the interview with Marie Claire was about in the ‘Kate Hudson on Building Her Fabletics Empire While “Under a Microscope” piece.

She stated in more than a few words that it’s one thing to have a presence online and it’s taxing to even have a clothing line on poshmark.com. In fact, it’s so easy for people to have their eyes on you constantly just because of those two things. But, you put being a star in the mix; you’ve got the fish bowl effect. You are being scrutinized left and right and sometimes you just feel like you have to watch everything you do and say. But, when all is said and done she wouldn’t do anything else. She loves every part of what she does, both the on and off stage work.

Learn more aabout Fabletics: https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/