How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Online Reputation

If you haven’t Googled your business in recent past then you need to do so because many people are looking for information about your business. You need to know the kind of information available online mentioning your business to evaluate the effect it may have on performance. According to, most customers who leave negative reviews do so without notifying you about the changes and this information has a lot of potential if it happens to land in the hands of more individuals.

To get accurate results about the performance of your business online, there are several tools you can use to conduct a search of mentions. Most of the search tools that alert you whenever your business is mentioned online are an essential part of the development of your online reputation since you are able to respond to mentions immediately the information is posted.

Just like the online information about an employee would influence chances of getting an employer, the kind of information available online about your business also determines how buyers will respond to your products, cites Fox News on one of their articles. For a small business, managing online reputation is an easy process if these factors are considered.

Asses and engage some spring cleaning

You can search information about yourself to see what your business looks online and to know what you need to work on to restore the reputation of your business. Asses the kind of feedback left to gauge the likely effect and if there are elements about the conversation that can lead to the development of a bad reputation then you need to look into the issues by launching a campaign to bury bad mentions.

Come up with a content and social strategy

To guide your online activity, you should develop a content strategy that seeks to bury all negative information posted about your business. Consider posting content that will delight and impress your audience while creating a positive reputation about your business. Most importantly, reveal information that your target audience may not have about your business to help them understand your journey and dedication to serve their needs.


The Entrancing EOS lip balm

As it grows cold and dry going into fall season, we tend to realize we need more lip balm! The old sticks were easily lost in the car or eaten by the laundry machine. So what are we to do to now protect our lips? Instead of grabbing any old lip balm while in the check out aisle, take a look at what lip balms are out there and what can really work.

Evolution of smooth seems to have caught the attention and love of many consumers. These fun, hard to lose, egg shaped lip balms are a life saver. They not only smell amazing, but work so well to repair and protect dry lips from the harsh weather. These yummy flavored eggs may also work so well because they are natural and include vitamins and butters/oils that perform the task they were created to do. Their products are easy to find, available on Walmart and can also be purchased online through or Racked.

On top of all these benefits, evolution of smooth lip balm can also make a fashion statement. Although many consumers stick to the universal organic spheres, EOS also provides a more stylish sphere. These shimmer smooth spheres add great color and shine. If one is not looking for a more natural looks, there are any more options! Learn how to use EOS lip balms, watch this YouTube video tutorial.

Take a look at all the possibilities here:


White Shark Media Announces Big Changes to Its Customer Service Platform

White Shark Media is among one of the most innovative SEO and PPC Ad campaign management companies in the United States. For more than a decade, the company has provided exceptional customer service to its clients.

Just like any growing company, White Shark has its share of customer complaints. In order to rectify possible shortcomings in its projects, the company has recently released a press release acknowledging that it is taking immediate steps to solve customer complaints.

After the evaluation of feedback from customers, the company has decided that it will dedicate individual campaign manager to new clients, who will go over the entire system before helping the client to launch the first project. In addition, the campaign managers will also continue to provide useful feedback by connecting through the GoToMeeting software every month.

Such an interaction will ensure that each client gets to talk with SEM Strategist on a regular basis. Besides these monthly meetings, each customer is also entitled to get a dedicated representative who are available by calling their direct extensions.

For existing customers, White Shark Media has decided to provide two options. First, existing customers will not be transferred to the newer platform without their permission. As such, existing customers who are getting results from the old platform can continue to work on the platform until they decide to shift to the newer platform.


Besides, a senior SEM Strategist will act as a supervisor overseeing only 3 to 5 SEM Strategists. When overseeing only a handful of projects, these supervisors can better evaluate results of each individual client.

According to their Google+ and Twitter profiles,  White Shark Media does not offer active SEO service. However, responding to the feedback collected from the client, the company has decided to provide free SEO advise. Irrespective of the SEO services used by the customer, the client can provide details of their SEO projects, which will be evaluated by a dedicated expert team. Based on its findings, the SEO team will provide suggestions for improvement and direct customers to appropriate sources, where applicable.

Regarding AdWord campaigns, the company has decided to offer conversion tracking, call tracking and in some cases Google Analytics free of charge. Because ADWords campaign make up a large part of the business affairs, such freebies will allow customers to appreciate the value-for-money they are getting from the company. In the future, White Shark Media Complaints team has additional plans to implement more changes, depending on the feedback.

Beauty Blogger Tries Out WEN by Chaz No-Poo Cleansing System for Bigger Hair

There’s been a lot written about the no-poo shampoo method of washing hair, but the true original and pioneer of the system goes to stylist Chaz Dean. The celebrity hair guru on the west coast developed the famous Wen hair by Chaz no lather shampoo brand to help women and men around the world. His creation of unique cleansing conditioners on Total Beauty has been quite a phenomenon and changed the way we care for hair.
Regular shampoos and conditioners are full of nasty detergents that actually weaken hair strands. His formulas are made specially with good, healthy botanical ingredients and help add shine, strength and volume to any hair type.

That’s the kind of help blogger Emily McClure was looking for; she was frustrated trying to force her limp, lackluster locks into shape. So, she decided to test out WEN for

Emily started with a daily AM WEN cleanse in the shower and was blown away by how her hair swelled in thickness and became soft and luxurious to the touch. As she followed up with a blow-dry and styling with her favorite tools, she achieved gorgeous A-list hair. She posted her selfies, so the readers could see what WEN by Chaz was doing for her.

Emily’s best friends even noticed something was different about her hair; it looked nice and glossy and pretty. Emily enjoyed the compliments and began enjoying the routine her hair had adapted to.

Routine is the key word in Emily’s story here, because WEN by Chaz is not a lazy gal’s hair care system. In other words, Emily advises that you always take the time to follow the wash with a blow-dry and styling to achieve best results. Plus, she claims that the Sephora product works best on a daily, morning basis.

Other than that, she loved it.
For more info, visit the Wen Hair FAQ page:


Don Dressler; Entrepreneur and Internet Mogul

Don Dressler is one of the youngest, most successful, entrepreneurs in the corporate internet world today. He has been the man behind a series of groundbreaking startups throughout his career, making a strong name for himself across corporate America. Ressler has also served at an executive level at several corporations such as Intermix, Alena Media, and

Unlike his partner in his current company JustFab, Don Ressler has a history of success in the beauty and fashion industry, which he has now been able to combine with his experience in intellectual properties to co-found their groundbreaking company. In the very beginning when Don Ressler and his partner were in the beginning stages of developing the brand they decided that they wanted something more than just the average online store for women’s shoes and fashions. Instead they recognized the appeal behind the luxury of having a personal shopper, which is typically something only enjoyed by the rich and the famous. So they created a social platform, which is now the basis for the company.

The way the website works at is that shoppers create an account with the website along with a username, and are assigned their very own personal stylist. This entity alone was cutting edge at the time of the sites release. Upon creating their account their stylist asks the new member a series of questions about themselves, their lifestyle, and their personal style, so that they can get an idea for the types of shoes and styles that the member prefers. From there, the member can decide on the type of membership level that they would like which will vary in price and regularity. After the member has selected their style and membership plan they will begin to receive personal recommendations of the stores merchandise from their stylist. In addition to receiving the their initial recommendations, the member will begin to receive a regular shipment of shoes or accessories based on their personal style. Or, if they so choose they can pick out their own selection to be shipped to them. Shoppers are also free to log onto the site at any time to buy as many items as they wish, including those that are outside the not pre-selected for them based on their initial quiz.

Don Ressler’s sense of entrepreneurship and sheer ingenuity have propelled a whole new style of online shopping that has since been copied and implemented for everything from cleanign supplies to groceries.

Kabbalah – Wisdom for our Soul

Looking inside instead of outside, the soul of Judaism and philosophy of Kabbalah is rooted in ancient tradition but is timely for 2016.

Well over 4000 years old, the beliefs of Kabbalah have been confused with false beliefs including cults, spells, curses and even miracles. The basic tenets of this belief system are that there are core forces that come to us from the Creator, and while some forces such as gravity are knows, there are many other forces that remain hidden. After we are enlightened about these forces, we are able to channel our intentions and follow the “map” of Kabbalah towards the path of success and to the laws of nature and the universe.

The Kabbalah Centre is a global place for community, personal fulfillment and discovery of one’s place in the universe. There are a myriad of ways to volunteer with the Centre. It is through the sharing of a person’s time, talents and treasures that we can connect with one another on the deepest level. There are local events where we can bring the Light to our peers, and we also offer the Subtitling Team where an international focus helps others to learn Kabbalah in other languages. DotSub is the tool that helps us and we ask for a strong grasp of English to qualify for this volunteer group. There are teams of translators and transcribers that help to make this offering to others possible.

With all of our groups of helpers at the Kabbalah Centre, we wish to include others in a warm and welcoming setting. In addition to both and international and local focus, we have a group of mentors who help new students learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. Our bookstore team has many offerings on our shelves and we enthusiastically help with anything you might need.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is wisdom for our souls. Help us to spread the light of Kabbalah to everyone!

Goal One: The Good Fight at Lovaganza

Lovaganza is a cultural experience that aims to being together the world on behalf of children and equality regardless of where they come from. Part of the vision Lovaganza is advocating for includes advocating for clean drinking water. This work of Lovaganza is crucial, and it’s important that we prioritize every child getting reliable and regular access to clean water.

Clean water is among the most important things for human health, arguably more necessary for life and for health than even food. Of course, it is all related to each other. If we don’t have clean air, it’s hard to live a healthy life. If we don’t have clean earth and clean water, we can’t possibly hope to have a healthy population or raise a generation of healthy kids, according to founder of Lovaganza, the Gagnon’s.

Clean water is important because it’s a measure of equality. I don’t know any time I have ever truly struggled to find clean water, yet we know there are millions of children who will go without water today and millions who don’t know where their next drink will be. That is not fair, and it’s not a world we should live in. Every child should be able to drink water and have free or low-cost access to it, no matter what country they were born in or live in. From a human rights perspective, it seems obvious why we should be motivated to step in. From a security perspective, it makes sense as well. Clean water is not like oil. Our economy could come crashing down from a lack of water, and we would still need water to survive. Water’s absolute importance to human development means countries are more likely to fight over it in the future if we don’t make it easily available now. So, why wouldn’t we want to do that?

The work Lovaganza is doing to advocate for prioritizing clean drinking water for all children means that more and more people are going to be exposed to this idea. If just half of us donated the monetary equivalent of 8 fl oz of water a week, we could provide 62.4 billion fl oz of water to the developing world every year and help them develop the resources and expertise necessary to develop and maintain local water sources According to Lovaganza.

That’s just awesome.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

The Wen by Chaz Dean Hair Care Sytem Stands the Pro Stylist Test

WEN by Chaz Dean is a total hair care system in one bottle. They come in different scents and each scent is for a different purpose. It is an exclusive shampoo that can only be bought online or from an infomercial with a phone number. It has a long standing history and reputation so you can’t purchase it in the stores.

What Emily McClure Determined after use

Emily McClure is a professional hairstylist and decided to buy Wen by Chaz Dean Fig infused conditioning shampoo from Amazon. She thought it was hyped so much she just had to try it and possibly use it in the salon. So, in the first few days she used it, these were her findings.

She read the bottle and though she was slightly skeptical about the amount she had to use, she did the 12 plus pumps and proceeded to cleans her hair and report it to Bustle magazine. She noticed an immediate clean feeling from her scalp to the ends. This happened fast. The reason why this gal is so happy about that point is she has oily and fine, flat hair. Because of that, she uses a lot of hair styling product for body and to keep the curl. After all, she is a professional hairstylist. If her hair is not up to speed than what does that say about her business and ability right?

She was pleased about the shampoo’s ability to remove residue and that she had far less hair at the bottom of the tub breaking and landing there. This was always a concern with her and her fine hair.

For the most part she saw some drooping of curl for the first few days. After the shampoo adjusted to her body chemistry it was not a problem. Visit for more info on Wen.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Fight Against Tyrannism

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate. He founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. He is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum and the patron of the Prague-based children’s peace movement. Before the formation of the HRF, Thor was the co-founder, Executive Director, and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. His sentiments have been published in many venues like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Daily Telegraph, and The Economist. The New York Times described Thor as “A champion for the underdog and the powerless.”
Thor Halvorssen began fighting for human rights back in 1989 in London. He organized the anti-apartheid protest to express the view and plight of South Africans. He is of Norwegian and Venezuelan origin. His passion for human right arose because his father was tortured and imprisoned in Venezuela. In 2004, his mother was shot in a political anti-Hugo Chavez protest. The HRF’s primary objective is to liberate political prisoners and promotion of democracy in Latin America. Thor’s foundation has successfully managed to release seven prisoners of conscience.
Thor says that he loves humanity. According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen loves freedom’s troublemakers, who oppose and throw spitballs at dictators and stand against tyranny. Thor appointed Garry Kasparov to be the Chairman of HRF, after the death of Vaclav Havel in 2011. Kasparov was harassed by police in Russia while protesting against Pussy Riot’s verdict. He was sentenced two years in Prison for singing anti-Putin songs.
Thor was beaten and detained by Vietnam police in 2010. He had snuck into the house of Thich Quang, leader of Buddhist Church of Vietnam. His camera operator had to hide the video card in his rectum! Thor is thought of as a right-winger for his criticism of left-wing Latin American dictators and funding from conservative foundations. Thor denies the traditional tag, and considers himself a “classical liberal.” Thor doesn’t choose his staff based on their political affiliations. Javier El-Hagge, a Bolivian attorney, works for his for his foundation. His organization might be small, but they after the influential dictators in the society.

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Recording Artist Norka Luque Is Taking Making Headlines In The Mainstream Music Industry

The music world is full of creativity. That creativity comes in different sounds, shapes, and languages. Getting to the top of the music world takes dedication, experience, hard work and a network of followers. Most creative people achieve success just by performing while others strive for the ultimate reward of fame and fortune. Norka Luque, the Venezuelan-born recording artist, experienced success at a very early age. She was cast in a musical in Caracas at the age of eight. Her performance got rave reviews from the audience and from the press that covered the Luis Miguel musical. The musical was based on the music of Shakira, one of Norka childhood idols. To this day, Norka is still a Shakira fan.

Norka’s parents knew that Venezuela was not the country that would open doors in the music business. Her parents also knew Norka would have to have a career to fall back on if her dream of becoming a singer fizzled, so they sent Norka to France to study business administration. Norka enjoyed school, but singing was her first love. She joined a small band while she studied, and that band experience made her realize that singing was her destiny. After attending a Ricky Martin concert in 2007, Norka decided to move to Miami. Miami was the home of the musical genre she had in her genes. Norka was booked by a small dance club along Miami’s famous nightclub strip, and she was a hit with the international audience that came to the club to dance.

Her reputation as a rock, salsa, and reggae singer spread around town, and Norka got Emilio Estefan attention. Estefan is the genius behind the successful salsa group, “Miami Sound Machine. Estefan is also Gloria Estefan’s manager. When Emilio finally made it to Norka’s club, he immediately offered her to a recording contract. Estefan heard a new sound in Norka’s voice, and he knew she was going to be a star. Emilio and famous composer Archie Pena worked with Norka and in 2011, her first single was released. The single, I Can Do It Tu, hit the dance charts like a ball of fire, and Norka was nominated for the female vocalist of the year award.

Her second hit, Milagro was released in 2012, and that single filled the #11 spot on Billboard Magazine’s Dance Chart. Norka’s third single, Tomorrowland, is another hit in the Latino community, and it is crossing over and becoming a mainstream dance number.

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