Brian Torchin and HCRC: A Better Way to Find Work as A Medical Professional

In addition to being a physical therapist and a chiropractor, Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of HCRC Staffing, a company which seeks to connect high-quality hospitals with high-quality doctors. In an age with an ever-increasing need for productivity and efficiency, HCRC helps hospitals, private practices, and urgent care facilities fill vacant positions with experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable staff.

According to Glassdoor, Before his work with HCRC, however, Brian Torchin earned his BA in exercise science from the University of Delaware, where he first began taking an interest in health and medicine. After earning his BA, he went on to pursue a chiropractic degree, working in the medical field with his background in physical therapy and chiropractics.

Over time, he began noticing that the medical field was suffering many shortcomings in filling vacant staff positions for medical facilities such as hospitals, urgent care facilities, and private practices. Thus, Brian Torchin founded HCRC to help alleviate some of the hiring difficulties faced by both medical practitioners and the facilities which hire them.

Typical of any staffing agency, HCRC places applicants into positions which will be a good fit for both the practitioner and the employer. They prevent potential burnout in medical professionals by providing job counseling services.

These job counseling services enable the budding medical professional to find a medical specialty which best suits their skills and interest. Job placement services are also provided by HCRC, and many professionals are often quickly placed into positions, as there are positions which must be filled immediately.

Having personally worked in the medical industry himself, Brian Torchin knows firsthand the difficulty many professionals must face in the process of searching for a job.

Therefore, he is invested in helping professionals feel as comfortable as possible in the job-hunting process. He aids them in meeting all requirements for medical jobs while ensuring medical facilities get the most qualified professionals.

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Dick DeVos Takes Philanthropy Seriously

One of the most powerful situations in the world today is people in need. There are literally millions of people who need some type of assistance. Whether basic needs such as food or more advance type needs such as money for education, people have needs that require financial assistance. Where people can go to receive help has always been a challenge that has made it difficult for many people to get the help that is needed.


One of the main ways that many people have been able to receive help is through financial contributions made by people to various causes, charities, and organizations. There are many people who make financial contributions to worthwhile situations. The amount of the contributions have a wide range. However, the total sum of the contributions tend to be significant. These contributions are necessary to help people in need.


A person who has made many financial contributions in his lifetime is Dick DeVos. In dollar amount, Dick DeVos has made financial contributions that have totaled close to 140 million dollars. The contributions have been made to numerous causes and charities. The number of people who have been helped through Dick DeVos contributions run into the tens of thousands. A man with a heart for giving, Dick DeVos wants to help people be able to help themselves.


His wife Betsy DeVos has the same heart. Both Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have a genuine concern for other people. While many people will say that they care about helping others, Dick DeVos will go well beyond just making statements. Dick DeVos takes the time to make financial contributions that make a difference in the lives of people. He has giving millions of dollars to a wide range of organizations that use the money to help people who need assistance. In addition, Dick DeVos helps people through his own charities and personal contributions.


I feel that Dick DeVos has made a difference in the world through his generous giving. Millions of dollars is a huge amount of money to give to help people. However, Dick DeVos has a heart that goes beyond looking at the amount of money giving; he looks at what the money can do to help people. This is something that makes Dick DeVos and his wife stand out from the crowd.


As a giver of time and money, Dick DeVos is respected in many circles. However, there is much more to Dick DeVos than his charitable contributions. Dick DeVos is an excellent businessman who has earned a great reputation in the business world as an outstanding executive. Dick DeVos has held key executive positions with Amway and the Orlando Magic. In these positions, he helped to improve the companies in numerous ways.


End Citizens United Intends To Win Fight for Reform and Accountability

Considering it just begun in March 2015, the accomplished efforts by End Citizens United and how it has raised the awareness for reform and accountability have made a big difference. Not since the 1960’s has there been a revolutionized grass-roots effort for proactive reform of policies regarding the nation.

The organization is taking back the power from the political money game of the system on and they’re set out to bring it to the citizens of the country where it belongs. Their mission is not at all complex or unattainable.

The mission is simply to empower citizens to have a voice with combating an existing money problem and what they see as a rigged political system. End Citizens United has made it their mission to work towards stopping untraceable money into the political process and they’re determined to bring campaign finance reform to the forefront. Their proactive approach to work toward electing pro-reform candidates on Facebook has already garnered the attention needed to bring change and end the political power that has become completely unbalanced.

Creating a pathway for change is possible with the determination of End Citizens United, which has taken its message to the people of this country and it has been heard. The level of interest has been astounding and the group has been able to involve the country in its mission. In less than one month after launching the organization, End Citizens United received more than $2 million from small donations proving that citizens of the country will fight to win. They have high expectations of far exceeding that number in 2017, and beyond, with a forecast of $30 in additional donations on

The group has the potential of receiving one of the largest petition following in recent history with bringing in almost 4 million citizens from an existing democratic source of the 2016 election. They have assembled an ambitious team of the most qualified individuals to lead the organization to succeed in their mission. The outstanding team has been known to lead the charge of many progressive grass-root efforts.

End Citizens United has made it widely-known of its intent for passing a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision for campaign finance reform. The team has already been able to make substantial headway in accomplishing its goal. By continuing with public awareness, and their effort for electing finance reform politicians, gives them the advantage of receiving the consent of the senate and house by a two-third margin.

It is a victory that End Citizens United intends to win.

End Citizens United may have just begun in 2015; however, their fight has already made a powerful impact. They have created a revolution that cannot be stopped for political finance reform and accountability.

Highland Capital Management: Learn About This Company

If you’re looking for information about Highland Capital Management, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about this company.


Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas. It is a registered investment adviser that offers various strategies to their clients. The company was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993. Since then, they have grown the company to become one of the largest global alternative credit managers in the world.


Their credit strategies include separate accounts, credit hedge funds and long-only funds. Other strategies include natural resources and long/short equities.


Highland offers a number of alternative investments to its clients, which includes emerging markets. Some of their client base includes foundations, financial institutions, public pension plans and governments. High net-worth individuals are also among the company’s customers. Although their headquarters are based in Dallas, they have offices located in Seoul, New York, Singapore and Sao Paulo.


Not only does Highland Capital Management invest in the financial markets, but they invest in the communities where their staff live and work. They make donations to a number of local community organizations, as well as national nonprofit organizations. To date, the company and their affiliates have committed over $10 million to organizations.


If you’re interested in becoming a client of Highland Capital Management in Dallas, then visit their website. You can learn more about the services they offer and learn how they can help you reach your financial goals via investing. Visit their site today and find out why they are the best at what they do.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. and the Rest of the Pack

Successful companies do not arrive at that position by accident. There is usually just too much competition for that to happen. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company that stands out in its chosen industry due to its incredible service levels and customer satisfaction.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 and is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is a large document processing and sourcing company that supplies and verifies documents to the retail mortgage and banking industry. The company currently enjoys an accuracy rate of 99.8 percent accuracy rate of delivery and a less than 1 percent rejection rate.


As the largest document and verification company in the world, those statistics are phenomenal and their clients think so too, as eight out of ten of the top retail banking and mortgage companies use Nationwide for their primary source of wholesale information.


John Hillman recently stated in an industry-wide podcast that there is always a lot of talk about the need for compliance withing the document industry. There is, however, little done in actually achieving the level of desired compliance stated. Hillman said that each company must set its bar to high levels of expectation and then publically measure up to the accountability required by those objectives.


Nationwide is a leader in its industry for two primary reasons. The company’s adherence to the use of technology to handle redundant tasks and measurements. Repetitive issues where human error can be easily delegated to digital solutions, and have done so, the company has been able to reap the benefits from such activities.


The second reason for the high levels of achievement is simply due to the excellence provided by an elite cadre of dedicated employees who are highly trained and extremely competent with their duties. The hiring of good employees initially serves a company in the long run because of the startup of good material from the outset. With Nationwide, not only is there a very robust initial screen if new employee candidates, but there is also a complete college level group of advanced training modules. These modules have a lot to do with employee advancement as well as cross-training opportunities.


When a company is as successful as Nationwide has been, there is little doubt that it is going to make any drastic changes in its processes or direction. When clients are as satisfied as we see with this company, it is safe to assume that there will be many more years of continued positive results.

Martin Lustgarten – Expert in Investment Banking

Investment banking is an exceptional branch of banking operation that assists business organizations, or individuals raise capital. Additionally, investment banking also helps in providing organizations with financial consultancy services. Investment banking acts as intermediaries between investors and security issuers, and help business startups to go public. They buy shares on behalf of investors at a price approximated by their specialists and resell them to the public. Moreover, they also sell available shares on behalf of the security issuers and earn a profit by taking commissions earned on each share. Investment banks work to help businesses build a market presence that is strong.

This branch of banking is among the most intricate financial mechanisms worldwide. Investment banking serves many different business entities operating to achieve different goals. They provide diverse financial services including; acquisitions and mergers advisory to help organizations in Mergers and Acquisitions and proprietary trading. Investment banks also provide services in organization restructuring that involves upgrading a company’s structure to maximize its profit and make it more efficient. Besides, investment banks provide leveraged finance to assist organizations with loans to settle acquisitions and purchase assets. Investment banks also offer firms with new ideas on how to go public. Further, investment banks obtain money through the provision of acquisition advisories.

Martin Lustgarten is a specialist in investment banking. He helps his clients who are mainly business investors on smart ways to invest in investment banking. Besides, Martin Lustgarten is a businessman based in Florida and has business investments all over the world. His wealth is spread among numerous countries. As a result, this has enabled him to limit his business associated risks while at the same time benefiting from local growth.

Martin Lustgarten also can foresee the oncoming market trends, and thus he can produce the best results for his clients. Being a hardworking and smart investor enables him to grow his fortune quickly. Martin is the perfect role model for anyone wishing to be actively involved in a business investment. Further, Martin Lustgarten is also a professional banker. He possesses knowledge in the investment industry for many years, making people want to work with him for successful investment plans.

Sam Boraie: Transforming the New Brunswick Community

Boraie Development LLC is among the most established development companies in the Northeast of the United States. Based in New Jersey, the company offers an array of services that focus on various aspects of the urban real estate industry. The firm has spearheaded the development of several properties in New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City. Since its establishment, the firm has developed several facilities that have attracted many clients including small businesses and individuals. The real estate company has also played a significant role in revitalizing the Atlantic City which is recovering from the economic recession.

Besides real estate development, the company deals with property management and sales and marketing. In property management, Boraie Development manages its properties with detail and continuous physical improvements. Its functions include administration, providing customer service to clients, accounting, marketing and leasing the properties. Sales and marketing is another crucial part of Boraie Development’s tasks. The sales department assimilates with property and development management to understand the vital residential and commercial factors to help determine the complexities of the company’s development activities.

In a recent report by, the company collaborated with the retired basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal to build a remarkable new residential building in his hometown, Newark. The building was Newark’s new tall residential building since the last one was build 50 years ago. The building will cost approximately 60 million dollars and will be open to Newark residents once it is completed. Besides the rental building, the collaboration came with interesting opportunities to Newark. These include retail development, brand-new movie theater, and a market-rate free housing.

Omar Boraie through his company Boraie Development LLC is bringing lots of change to the New Brunswick community. Mr. Boraie serves as the vice president of the real estate company where he oversees the completion and success of all the company’s projects. According to NJ Biz, besides handling real estate matters at Boraie Development, Boraie participates in several philanthropic activities in the New Brunswick community. Sam Boraie is on the Board of Trustees of the historic State Theatre New Jersey. The theater is a primary venue and a centerpiece for the New Brunswick art community. It hosts several events that contribute to cultural development such as concerts, orchestras, ballets, plays, just to name a few.


The Success of EOS Lip Balm

Over the past decade, the lip balm industry has evolved from the simple stick of lip moisturizer to more extravagant colors and flavors, creating a wide variety of options. One of the first products to break the typical lip balm mold was created by Evolution of Smooth, widely known as EOS. Their proprietary colors and flavors, along with the round shape of their product, created a lot of buzz in the fashion world.

The company’s founders have recently spoken about their business practices that led them to surpass longstanding chapstick brands and own the runner-up after Burt’s Bees for being the best-selling lip balm in America.

Once a small startup company, EOS lip balm was created by a group of veteran business people while thinking about how they could change up the beauty aisles. They chose to pursue lip balm because they found people chose which lip balm to buy solely based on cost and convenience.

During their research, while they found that lip balm is a unisex product, it is mostly used by women. One main finding among women who use lip balm on a daily basis is that their lip balm is essentially boring. It is likely colorless, odorless, and doesn’t provide any sensory delights.

This drove the owners to create a product that was not only enjoyable to use but also was able to stand the test of time with its hygienic application and easy-to-find tub. Using organic ingredients makes this product available for anyone to use.

Rather than feeling clinical like other lip balms, EOS created a product that was geared more towards beauty and enjoyment. Despite the fact that they were creating a completely different take on the concept of lip balm, they wanted to make a product that consumers would continue to buy from season to season.

EOS worked to compete with well-known lip balm brands through the proprietary shape of their lip balm, which is created in little spheres. After landing their first account, many retailers such as Target, Walmart, Racked outlet and Ulta began to follow suit.

After getting their products on store shelves, their next goal was to determine a demographic to market to and create a buzz. Through magazine ads, beauty bloggers, YouTube, and tv ads, EOS aimed their marketing at millennial women. Working with millennial celebrities helped to spread the word of their product.

Throughout the past seven years, EOS has gone from a simple idea to a household product. With sales of over a million products a week, the company is still working hard to brainstorm new ideas. The combination of the founders’ past experience in big business, as well as start-up companies, has been a great attribute to their success.

Cleansing Conditioners WEN By Chaz Dean

There are many benefits of using a cleansing conditioner on your hair over a traditional shampoo. Cleansing conditioners are designed to strengthen damaged hair. So if you already have damaged hair, then a cleansing conditioner will really improve the quality of your hair with regular use after about two weeks. You will notice visible results. Cleansing conditioners also work great on color treated hair. They don’t have the harsh chemicals that traditional shampoos that strip the color out of color treated hair. One big difference of cleansing conditioners over traditional shampoos is that they do not foam up.

This is what most people associate with getting your hair clean. But in actuality, the foam is actually just stripping the hair of its natural oils. The detergents that actually make shampoo foam can actually be very drying and damaging on your hair. Cleansing conditioners are recommended with those that have sensitive or dry scalps. They are gentle and nourishing on both your hair and scalp. Cleansing conditioners are also very convenient. They act as an all in one product. They cleanse, condition, treat, and style your hair in one product.

Leaving the cleansing conditioner on your hair for a few minutes will guarantee that your hair receives all the benefits the cleansing conditioner has to offer. Another great aspect of cleansing conditioners is that there are so many different formulas and brands to try. This almost guarantees that you find a cleansing conditioner formula that works with your hair type and texture.


One of the most well-known brands for cleansing conditioners is WEN by Chaz Dean. They were the brand that made a name for cleansing conditioners. Now most popular hair care brands have a cleansing conditioner type product in their line. But it was WEN that made cleansing conditioners a revolution in hair care. WEN by Chaz Dean is a reputable brand that stands behind their products with a 60-day money back guarantee. They have many different cleansing conditioner formulas to suite everyone’s individual hair needs. All of the WEN by Chaz Dean products are packed with hair loving ingredients. If you are interested in trying out cleansing conditioners, this is a great brand to consider trying.

You can purchase hair care products of Wen by Chaz in here

Madison Street Capital Handles Firm’s Recapitilazation

Madison Street Capital acted as the advisor for Ares Security Corporation in their minority recapitalization. Ares Security Corporation is a company that provides comprehensive end-to-end security software solutions to other corporations. The funding of this recapitalization was provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Madison Street Capital Reginald McGaugh, Senior Managing Director, led the effort for the company.

Mr. McGaugh made a statement praising the management team and board of ARES Security Corporation and what they offer in the way of technology solutions. In turn Ares Security Corporation’s President, Ben Eazzetta, stated that he was very pleased with the process, and in Madison Street Capital’s ability to find the right financing partner for his firm.

The minority recapitalization will enable Ares Security Corporation’s to continue their strong sales momentum and enrich their efforts to find and capitalize on new opportunities.

Madison Street Capital, a privately held company based in Chicago, Illinois, is an international investment banking firm. Madison Street Capital reputation is founded on their proven ability to deliver M&A expertise, financial advise and opinions, and valuation services. The company has a strategic view that most growth for the companies they advise will occur in international developing markets and so has a strong focus on those countries.

Madison Street Capital’s expertise covers many financial areas. In addition to M&A, capital restructuring, and providing financial advise they also offer many other services. These services such areas as bankruptcy services, buy out advising, company evaluation, tax compliance, and asset management.

The company’s management team is made up of Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway, Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala, and Managing Directors Jaydip Sinha and Lester Rodgers. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 and its clientele includes such firms as Central Iowa Energy LLC, Fiber Science, Inc. and Bond Medial Group Inc. The company has also won many awards some of which are the 2016 winner of the Annual Emerging Leaders award, the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year, and the 8th Annual International M&A Advisor Award for Cross Border Deal of the Year.

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