Handy Achieves in the Gig Economy

Inc. Magazine is a publication that garners great respect. Articles published online at Inc. Magazines’s website are read by people who want to learn about how to run a successful startup. A fantastic article published about Handy’s rise to greatness is a solid one for would-be entrepreneurs to read.

Handy might be one of the most interesting of all startups to emerge in the “gig economy”. The world of freelancer is not always an easy one to explore. Handy helps those freelancers find gigs.

Even with a brilliant concept, Handy.com was not making a huge sum of money at first due to not having the best possible hiring process for pulling in new freelancers. Poor reviews hurt Handy during its vital early days. So, a new process for screening employees was put into effect. The implementation of the new strategy turned out to be a really good idea. Better freelancers have come on board and they are helping the company make good money. $1 million in weekly bookings has helped Handy become a wildly successful venture. Millions of investment capital is flowing into the company’s coffers, which is not a bad thing at all.

Freelancers find working with Handy proves to be a good deal. Getting clients is easier and the pay is solid. Handy is also great for clients. Since Handy allows for the very easy booking of its services, customers are able to get home cleaning and other services in route to their premises with only a few steps.

The management at Handy debated how to develop the right onboarding process to screen freelancers. In time, the right agreements have been made. This coincided with the acquisition of $50 million in venture capital funding. Handy truly is on a course for gig economy and startup greatness.


FreedomPop Lures More Customers to Free Sevices

When the average person takes a serious look at their bills and their budgeting they will discover that one of the biggest bills is the cell phone bill. It can be very interesting to see just how much people can save if they eliminate their phone bills altogether. FreedomPop is the company that has allowed people to do that without losing all of their cell phone service.

Most people that use smart phones will agree that they cannot live without this. Some people may have called this a luxury in the past, but it appears to be something of a necessity right now. FreedomPop has managed to change smart phone culture because it brings people something that they were not even expecting to get access to. A free phone service seems rather unbelievable because so many people pay so much for this service. The same thing can be said for cheap cell phones, but somehow FreedomPop has managed to start providing this as well. It is like FreedomPop is giving customers access to a grand amount of discount products and free services that many people may not know about.

The feeling that this is “too good to be true” sets in when many people hear about free cell phone service. Fortunately, there is a FreedomPop review here and there online that tells people about the service and what it is like to have this type of service. There are millions of people that have dumped their smart phone plans with the major cell phone carriers and opted for the basic plans for free service with FreedomPop. By checking out the reviews that are given by others you have an idea of what you can expect to happen when you make that switch. There are some cell phone users that will find that this is very liberating. Others may find that they cannot abide to the limits of the basic free service. This is not a problem though because FreedomPop offers unlimited service as well.

FreedomPop was offering unlimited service a couple of years ago for $20. This didn’t catch on that well so the company decided to drop the price even lower. Now there are people that are able to get this plan for as little as $5 a month. A plethora of customers are signing up for this because it’s as effective as a contract with a major carrier.

EOS Lip Balm: A More Popular Choice for Today’s Generation

In the past, Chapstick was always considered to be one of the most popular lip balm products on the market. It could be found in just about any store across the United States, from pharmacies to convenience stores, and many Americans could be found with it somewhere in their pockets or their medicine cabinets. Even though this is still a very popular brand today, a newer brand has really taken the lead among today’s generation. That brand is EOS.

Just seven years ago, EOS lip balm started popping up just about everywhere, too. If you were in the makeup aisle at your favorite big box store, you’d find it. If you were perusing the aisles as a pharmacy, you’d see it. Many beauty magazines even started covering it and choosing it as their favorite for various annual beauty awards. Even celebrities were spotted with it in their makeup bags.

Evolution of Smooth, which is known as EOS, did its research and found that lip balm truly is mainly used by women. It also found that many women were tired of the traditional tube, which they ditched for their fun design. These things alone made their product a true competitor against some of the brands that have been around for a very long time.

Then, they put a big focus on marketing, which they primarily targeted toward millennials. By marketing on Facebook and other social media sites and using celebrity endorsements as a means of calling attention to their brand, they were able to quickly build a following and make more sales.

All of this must have worked out for EOS, since the brand stands heads and shoulders among many other popular brands on eBay that have been around for far longer than seven years. Now, EOS is a household name, just like Chapstick and other brands that people have been buying for quite a long time.  For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

Product link: https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth

Fabletics November Week 1

The stress and strains of being a super celebrity is taxing enough but, when you have a top women’s fashion line on mysubscriptionaddiction.com, it’s an even bigger challenge. Kate Hudson is just that star with Fabletics being her empire. Fabletics, for those who may not be 100% familiar is a women’s sportswear line for what she likes to call, the lazy girl that likes to be fashionable. Her line consists of everything from workout wear to a line that goes from gym to the club as a little black dress. She’s expanded into swimwear just recently as well.

The system of Fabletics is unique in that the ladies can pay a small fee monthly with the option to skip a month if need be and this entitles them to a certain amount of clothing per month from the line. It’s an awesome way to build a wardrobe for the year.

Read more: @fabletics

Since Kate Hudson is a superstar she’s had to contend with what most stars do and that is to be watched under the microscope. This is what the interview with Marie Claire was about in the ‘Kate Hudson on Building Her Fabletics Empire While “Under a Microscope” piece.

She stated in more than a few words that it’s one thing to have a presence online and it’s taxing to even have a clothing line on poshmark.com. In fact, it’s so easy for people to have their eyes on you constantly just because of those two things. But, you put being a star in the mix; you’ve got the fish bowl effect. You are being scrutinized left and right and sometimes you just feel like you have to watch everything you do and say. But, when all is said and done she wouldn’t do anything else. She loves every part of what she does, both the on and off stage work.

Learn more aabout Fabletics: https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/

Dick DeVos Has Been Successful At Every Stop in His Career

An important topic over the past few years has been the quality of education that is received by children of all ages. The quality of education can be vastly different for children based on where they live and what income level their family maintains. This difference in education quality along with other noted differences has many people discussing the entire education system.


Recently Betsy DeVos sat down with Philanthropy Roundtable to give an interview that revolved around the education system. The questions asked by Philanthropy Roundtable were focused on education but came from different angles. Betsy DeVos answered all the questions asked in an informative manner. She showed her understanding of the questions and provided answers that clearly stated her viewpoint on the topics discussed.


The questions asked by Philanthropy Roundtable cover topics such as school vouchers, school choice, and home schooling. With all the questions asked, Betsy DeVos provided her opinions on the topics in addition to the answers to the questions.


I think that Betsy DeVos provided a good case for her thoughts on the subject of education. She provided clear answers that demonstrated her feelings on the various topics covered during the interview. Betsy DeVos has a strong desire to help children, and improving the education system is one way that she wants to help children.


Dick DeVos is the husband of Betsy DeVos. As the President of the Windquest Group, Dick DeVos is known as a savvy businessman who cares about his employees. Mr. DeVos has used his experience and knowledge acquired in the business world to help him become a very successful executive at several companies.


The same qualities that have helped Dick DeVos achieve many accomplishments in the business world have also helped him to achieve many accomplishments as a charitable giver. Through his efforts or working with others, Dick DeVos has helped many people over the years. The leadership that he uses on a daily basis is evident in how he handles his own charities. Also, the caring side that he shows for his employees is shown in how he works with other charities and with community initiatives.



 Dick DeVos  is known by many people in the business world as a top level executive. He has been able to produce tremendous results at every stop along his professional career. In the same manner, Dick DeVos has produced amazing results as a charitable giver.

Labaton Sucharow LLP Doing Their Part To Protext The Economy By Securing $17 Payout

When the Dodd Frank act passed in 2010, Labaton Sucharow LLP was the first law firm in the country to realize the incredible protections afforded to SEC whistleblowers inside the law. The law firm probably became first in the country to specialize exclusively in protecting and advocating for is easy whistleblowers through the Dodd Frank act.

The law firm went headhunting. They recruited Jordan A Thomas to run their SEC whistleblower program. Mr. Thomas has extensive experience in SEC enforcement as well as intimate knowledge of the Dodd Frank act. The experienced SEC whistleblower attorney began his career as a litigator inside the SEC, serving in the enforcement department. While at the SEC, Mr. Thomas helped to craft the whistleblower protections inside the Dodd Frank act itself.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that Labaton Sucharow LLP and Jordan A Thomas recently secured a $17 million payout to an anonymous SEC whistleblower. The whistleblower came forward anonymously under the protection of Labaton Sucharow LLP and Jordan A Thomas. The government investigated the claims of the whistleblower and levied fines against the public institution the whistleblower worked for. And since the fines were over $1 million, the whistleblower was entitled to 10 to 30% of the entire find total. This is part of the financial incentive built into the Dodd Frank act in order to catalyze more whistleblowers coming forward.

And Jordan A Thomas is confident that this is just the beginning. The Dodd Frank act gives Stern protections to those who expose criminal activity at a public financial institution. A part of those protections is the ability to come forward anonymously with the help of an SEC whistleblower lawyer. This anonymity makes it difficult for a public financial institution to retaliate against any SEC whistleblower. And retaliation is specifically prohibited in the Dodd Frank act.

Labaton Sucharow LLP has emerged as the premier law firm for SEC whistleblowers. Mr. Thomas, the head of the SEC whistleblower program, was the first lawyer to secure a payout for an SEC whistleblower under the Dodd Frank act. He was also the lawyer who represented the first whistleblower invoking retaliation protections under the Dodd Frank act, as well.

And these whistleblower protections are an integral part of the regulation installed by the Dodd Frank act. Whistleblowers are often times our first and only line of defense against massive institutional fraud capable of collapsing in economy.

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Online Reputation

If you haven’t Googled your business in recent past then you need to do so because many people are looking for information about your business. You need to know the kind of information available online mentioning your business to evaluate the effect it may have on performance. According to Onlinereputationreviews.com, most customers who leave negative reviews do so without notifying you about the changes and this information has a lot of potential if it happens to land in the hands of more individuals.

To get accurate results about the performance of your business online, there are several tools you can use to conduct a search of mentions. Most of the search tools that alert you whenever your business is mentioned online are an essential part of the development of your online reputation since you are able to respond to mentions immediately the information is posted.

Just like the online information about an employee would influence chances of getting an employer, the kind of information available online about your business also determines how buyers will respond to your products, cites Fox News on one of their articles. For a small business, managing online reputation is an easy process if these factors are considered.

Asses and engage some spring cleaning

You can search information about yourself to see what your business looks online and to know what you need to work on to restore the reputation of your business. Asses the kind of feedback left to gauge the likely effect and if there are elements about the conversation that can lead to the development of a bad reputation then you need to look into the issues by launching a campaign to bury bad mentions.

Come up with a content and social strategy

To guide your online activity, you should develop a content strategy that seeks to bury all negative information posted about your business. Consider posting content that will delight and impress your audience while creating a positive reputation about your business. Most importantly, reveal information that your target audience may not have about your business to help them understand your journey and dedication to serve their needs.


The Entrancing EOS lip balm

As it grows cold and dry going into fall season, we tend to realize we need more lip balm! The old sticks were easily lost in the car or eaten by the laundry machine. So what are we to do to now protect our lips? Instead of grabbing any old lip balm while in the check out aisle, take a look at what lip balms are out there and what can really work.

Evolution of smooth seems to have caught the attention and love of many consumers. These fun, hard to lose, egg shaped lip balms are a life saver. They not only smell amazing, but work so well to repair and protect dry lips from the harsh weather. These yummy flavored eggs may also work so well because they are natural and include vitamins and butters/oils that perform the task they were created to do. Their products are easy to find, available on Walmart and can also be purchased online through Ulta.com or Racked.

On top of all these benefits, evolution of smooth lip balm can also make a fashion statement. Although many consumers stick to the universal organic spheres, EOS also provides a more stylish sphere. These shimmer smooth spheres add great color and shine. If one is not looking for a more natural looks, there are any more options! Learn how to use EOS lip balms, watch this YouTube video tutorial.

Take a look at all the possibilities here:



White Shark Media Announces Big Changes to Its Customer Service Platform

White Shark Media is among one of the most innovative SEO and PPC Ad campaign management companies in the United States. For more than a decade, the company has provided exceptional customer service to its clients.

Just like any growing company, White Shark has its share of customer complaints. In order to rectify possible shortcomings in its projects, the company has recently released a press release acknowledging that it is taking immediate steps to solve customer complaints.

After the evaluation of feedback from customers, the company has decided that it will dedicate individual campaign manager to new clients, who will go over the entire system before helping the client to launch the first project. In addition, the campaign managers will also continue to provide useful feedback by connecting through the GoToMeeting software every month.

Such an interaction will ensure that each client gets to talk with SEM Strategist on a regular basis. Besides these monthly meetings, each customer is also entitled to get a dedicated representative who are available by calling their direct extensions.

For existing customers, White Shark Media has decided to provide two options. First, existing customers will not be transferred to the newer platform without their permission. As such, existing customers who are getting results from the old platform can continue to work on the platform until they decide to shift to the newer platform.


Besides, a senior SEM Strategist will act as a supervisor overseeing only 3 to 5 SEM Strategists. When overseeing only a handful of projects, these supervisors can better evaluate results of each individual client.

According to their Google+ and Twitter profiles,  White Shark Media does not offer active SEO service. However, responding to the feedback collected from the client, the company has decided to provide free SEO advise. Irrespective of the SEO services used by the customer, the client can provide details of their SEO projects, which will be evaluated by a dedicated expert team. Based on its findings, the SEO team will provide suggestions for improvement and direct customers to appropriate sources, where applicable.

Regarding AdWord campaigns, the company has decided to offer conversion tracking, call tracking and in some cases Google Analytics free of charge. Because ADWords campaign make up a large part of the business affairs, such freebies will allow customers to appreciate the value-for-money they are getting from the company. In the future, White Shark Media Complaints team has additional plans to implement more changes, depending on the feedback.

Beauty Blogger Tries Out WEN by Chaz No-Poo Cleansing System for Bigger Hair

There’s been a lot written about the no-poo shampoo method of washing hair, but the true original and pioneer of the system goes to stylist Chaz Dean. The celebrity hair guru on the west coast developed the famous Wen hair by Chaz no lather shampoo brand to help women and men around the world. His creation of unique cleansing conditioners on Total Beauty has been quite a phenomenon and changed the way we care for hair.
Regular shampoos and conditioners are full of nasty detergents that actually weaken hair strands. His formulas are made specially with good, healthy botanical ingredients and help add shine, strength and volume to any hair type.

That’s the kind of help blogger Emily McClure was looking for; she was frustrated trying to force her limp, lackluster locks into shape. So, she decided to test out WEN for Bustle.com.

Emily started with a daily AM WEN cleanse in the shower and was blown away by how her hair swelled in thickness and became soft and luxurious to the touch. As she followed up with a blow-dry and styling with her favorite tools, she achieved gorgeous A-list hair. She posted her selfies, so the readers could see what WEN by Chaz was doing for her.

Emily’s best friends even noticed something was different about her hair; it looked nice and glossy and pretty. Emily enjoyed the compliments and began enjoying the routine her hair had adapted to.

Routine is the key word in Emily’s story here, because WEN by Chaz is not a lazy gal’s hair care system. In other words, Emily advises that you always take the time to follow the wash with a blow-dry and styling to achieve best results. Plus, she claims that the Sephora product works best on a daily, morning basis.

Other than that, she loved it.
For more info, visit the Wen Hair FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html